Land-Climate Interactions: Constraints for Droughts and Heatwaves in a Changing Climate

Third Internal Drought-Heat meeting at ETH Z├╝rich

List of presentations

Where do we stand, where do we aim to? Sonia S.I. Seneviratne
GRACE as a measure of terrestrial water storage variations and constraint for climate models Vincent Humphrey
Assessing soil moisture-temperature interactions from observations and associated constraints for climate models Clemens Schwingshackl
Uncertainties in projected changes in droughts Heewon Moon
Plans for Land-ESM val tool Martin Hirschi, Jakob Zscheischler, Sonia S.I. Seneviratne
Overview of available observational datasets (diagnostic atlas) Richard Wartenburger
Land climate engineering, climate-effective land management, and HappiLand experiment Annette Hirsch
Process-based climate extreme attribution and Extremex simulations Kathrin Wehrli

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